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Deeper than Dancing

Deeper than Dancing explores movement and creativity with older people, people with a disability, and culturally and linguistically diverse people.

Across three years, Deeper than Dancing welcomes local Townsville communities to step boldly and bravely outside their comfort zone to experience the creative process in action.  

Developed and supported by local partners, this is a safe and inclusive environment for people to immerse themselves in creativity and art-making experiences.  

Through movement classes, workshops, conversations and gatherings, the project will unfold organically as we journey through shared creative processes, leading us toward performances and events where we can collectively celebrate and share with one another and the broader community. 

Community Connection

Initial Experiences

Deeper than Dancing commenced softly in 2021, with a handful of experiences for our dedicated Still Dancing and Vital Dance communities, including a special matinee performance of RED as well as workshops designed to extend our shared experience beyond our weekly dance classes. In one, we shared food and photographs, recipes and memories, getting to know one another more deeply and gently opening the opportunity towards creative collaboration and new ideas.

Another Deeper than Dancing event was scheduled to coincide with the inaugural Community Experience Secondment intensive. On the second day of the program, members of our open-class community joined the eight young artists for a creative workshop, followed by lunch – an invaluable opportunity for learning and exchange, on both sides.

Workshop facilitators included Alice Lee-Holland from Dancenorth and Andrea Dighton from Dancenorth.

Artistic Expression

Creative Workshops

Dancenorth invited people with and without disability to take part in creative arts workshops from April through to June 2022. 

As part of our Deeper than Dancing project, these workshops were designed as an introduction to the creative process. Each workshop focused on a specific theme and explored these ideas through creative tasks spanning dance, text and visual art. Participants worked collaboratively and were encouraged to develop their own artistic interests and instincts, during the process. 

Workshops were facilitated by local artists who are experienced in guiding people safely and sensitively through new arts experiences. Each workshop was a stand-alone event, participants may choose to attend, one, two or all workshops offered. 

This opportunity was ideal for energetic and imaginative people, with and without disability, who were curious to express themselves through movement, words and/or images, and create new art ideas with friends. 

Workshop facilitators included Alice Lee-Holland from Dancenorth, Isabella Stone from Drill Performance Company, and Jeanette Hutchinson from Diffraction Collective. 

Sensory Experiences

Inclusive Workshops

Dancenorth Australia invited people with disability to a creative workshop series in November 2022. The November workshops led to a performance at Dancenorth in celebration of International Day of People with Disability 2022. Each workshop was a stand-alone event. Participants could choose to attend as many workshops as they like.

These workshops focused on sensory experiences – touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste. We turned these experiences into art and movement. Local artists led the workshops. The artists are experienced in guiding people through new art experiences.

This opportunity was ideal for energetic and imaginative people with disability aged 16+. It is for those who are curious to express themselves and make new friends.

Workshop facilitators included Alice Lee-Holland from Dancenorth, Jordan Galliott from Dancenorth, and Andrea Dighton from Dancenorth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Will the Workshops Involve, and Why 4 Hours?

The workshops are scheduled to ensure that no activity feels “rushed”, participants have time to get to know each other, and to include a relaxing lunch break by the beautiful Ross River.
Each workshop is carefully planned and made up of shorter activities that engage participants creatively in different ways through movement, music, and visual art.

I Can Only Attend One or Two Workshops, Is That Ok?

Absolutely. Each workshop is different – you don’t need to attend all workshops, or even consecutive workshops. Come along when it suits you!

Can I Attend Just the Morning, or Just the Afternoon?

Each four-hour workshop is based on a specific theme and includes different activities that culminate at the end of the workshop. For the best experience, we recommend attending the full four-hour workshop.

What Are the Accessibility Details for the Venue?

The drop-off point is directly in front of the entrance to Riverside Gardens Community Centre with flat access of approximately 10 metres.
There is one accessible toilet at the venue.
The venue has good natural light; one side has full-length windows looking out to the trees and river. There is additional overhead lighting.
There are overhead fans and air conditioning.
The floor is polished floorboards. There is plenty of access to seating.
There is a small kitchen with a fridge, microwave and a boiling water system.

What Further Creative Opportunities Will Dancenorth Provide for People With Disability?

These workshops are part of a long-term project called Deeper than Dancing that will have a public outcome in the first part of 2024.
Our November workshops are the first in a series of opportunities for people with disability in 2022-2023, which we hope will gather and build a group of creative individuals keen to take the mainstage in 2024!

Acknowledgement of Funding
This project was made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, provided through Regional Arts Australia, administered in Queensland by Flying Arts Alliance.
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Our fight is to build local, national, and international connections and resilience through dance for all to thrive.