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Our mission is to build local, national, and international connections and resilience through dance for all to thrive.

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Dancenorth are cultural ambassadors, deeply rooted in place and bound by community.
Your support will enable us to expand our creative offerings and share them far and wide while deepening connection between communities.​

Our mission is to build local, national, and international connections and resilience through dance for all to thrive. As Dancenorth continues to transform, we commit to creating space to connect people and place, nourishing the bodies, hearts and minds of all those we encounter. With intention, integrity, and care, we curate programs that consciously engage communities far beyond our geographic reach. Dancenorth has a conscious approach to our work, our company and our people. A key tenet of our strategic plan is to sustainably and ethically manage our resources for the benefit of future generations of Queensland artists and community.

Donations have a significant role to play in our business sustainability, bolstering the difference between public investment and the cost of running an ambitious and deeply impactful regional arts company. Dancenorth Australia is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, and has DGR (deductible gift recipient) status. Every gesture of support, large or small, is deeply appreciated. As a not-for-profit arts organisation, donations over $2 are tax-deductible. 

We would love you to be a part of Dancenorth’s vision to support, enhance, and inspire those we encounter as we continue to bring artists and communities together through dance.

Our Donors

Community Maker
$20,000 - $49,999

Philip Bacon AO

Liz Pidgeon & Graeme Wikman

Anonymous x 1

Art Maker
$10,000 – $19,000

Dr Judith McLean 

Innovation Maker
$5,000 $9,999

Veronika Butta

Ian and Cass George

Australian Philanthropic Services Foundation

Knights Family Jabula Foundation

Nala’s Family Foundation

Dr Maggie Mackay on behalf of the Netta and Norman Niven Endowment

Movement Maker
$1,000 $4,999

Jayne and Laine Arlett

Justice Thomas Bradley & Dr Matthew Yoong

Hillary Coyne and Kyle Page

Kathryn and Cameron Deyell

Wesley Enoch AM and David McAllister AC

Gina Fairfax

Jenny Goicoechea

Sharon Lancini

Gavin Markwell

Kay, Paul, and Lucy Martinez

Joyce McLean

Dr Judith McLean

Marg Naylor and Prof. Stephen Naylor

Stephen Neale

Debbie Rains

Therese Smith

Paul Spiro

Ross Stiles

Jacinta Wight

Travel Associates

Sidney Myer Fund

Change Maker
Up to $999

Rukiye Apaydin

Joanna Chinen

Janine Collins

Hillary Coyne

Alison Crombie

Millicent Darby

Andrea Dighton

Zuni Drake

Joanne Eager

Julie Englefield

Eloise Grace

Annette Green

Lucy Guerin

Antony Hamilton

Anthony Hart

Bridget Hart

Dorin Hart

Matthew Higgins

Helen Higgins

Stephen Hill

Charlotte Hoppe-Smith

Maria Larkin

Catherine Lilly-Howe

Alan Marlowe

John Drummond Montgomery

Sarah Muller

Garry and Nicola Page

Kyle Page and Amber Haines

Ivor Preston & Karen Doyle

Courtney Thompson

Seeds Community Program

Anonymous x 3

Our partners

Government Partners

Trusts & Foundations

Commissioning & Presenting Partners

Supporting Partners

Project Partners