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Deeper than Dancing

Inspire your creativity


Deeper than Dancing explores movement and creativity with older people, people with a disability, and culturally and linguistically diverse people. Across three years, Deeper than Dancing welcomes local Townsville communities to step boldly and bravely outside their comfort zone to experience the creative process in action.
Developed and supported by local partners, this is a safe and inclusive environment for people to immerse themselves in creativity and art-making experiences.
Through movement classes, workshops, conversations and gatherings, the project will unfold organically as we journey through shared creative processes, leading us toward performances and events where we can collectively celebrate and share with one another and the broader community.
If you are interested to take part in Deeper than Dancing and identify as a member of one of our three key communities, please email



Starting Saturday 1 Jan 2022

What to expect

Deeper than Dancing is conceived to facilitate an open exchange of art, culture, experiences, and perspectives between our company and the people of Townsville.
Emphasising exploration and play, freedom and imagination, collaboration and innovation; creative spaces are increasingly rare. Vivid and sensory, the heart of the creative process is deep listening, openness, and genuine discovery. The experiences shared as part of Deeper than Dancing have the potential to facilitate collective meaning that transcends individual perspective and experience.
Building on our longstanding engagement work with diverse communities and our reputation for brave new ideas, Deeper than Dancing is an exciting exchange between our community


This project is made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, provided through Regional Arts Australia, administered in Queensland by Flying Arts Alliance.