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Regional Gravitation Program

Secondment Program

regional gravitation
Our Secondment Program invests in the next generation of dance artists.
Our free secondment program immerses emerging dancers in skills training, creative workshops, and repertoire.

The Dancenorth 2024 Secondment Program invites up to 25 young and emerging dance artists from Australia and New Zealand to participate in a 5-day full-time secondment experience led by Kyle Page (Dancenorth Artistic Director), Amber Haines (Dancenorth Associate Artistic Director) and the Dancenorth Ensemble. The program incorporates exploring various movement methodologies within elongated morning classes/skills training, creative workshops and task processes, environmental responsive sessions within the stunning North Queensland landscape, and interrogation of Dancenorth repertoire.

Dancenorth is committed to offering all Secondment Program opportunities to participants free of charge, with the express purpose of ensuring equity of access to these kinds of professional development opportunities… it is Dancenorth’s gift to the dance community.

  • Applications closed midnight on Monday, 18 March 2024
  • Successful applicants will be notified in the week commencing Monday, 1 April


Dancenorth - Corner of Walker and Stanley Street, Gurambilbarra (Townsville), Queensland, Australia. 4810


Dancenorth Ensemble Secondment Week:
Monday, 17 June to Friday, 21 June 2024


This program is free, but applicants must be able to cover the cost of all personal expenses including transport, flights and living expenses while in Gurambilbarra (Townsville)

​"Thank you for cultivating such an inspiring, warm, and supportive environment for us all to grow as emerging movement artists, but more than that, opening our eyes as human beings. The Dancenorth Secondment week will forever be in my heart, and it has imprinted such a strong sense of what it means to be doing something truly in alignment." ​
2022 Secondment Week Dancer
"It was a beautiful and truly inspiring experience. I have learnt so much from all artists and staff at Dancenorth, I have learnt to connect with our beautiful land, its people, the community and art. It was all very raw, authentic, true, and fulfilling."
2022 Secondment Week Dancer
"I truly loved every moment of my time with Dancenorth, it was an incredibly beautiful experience that prioritised authenticity, connection and learning. I loved the opportunity to take classes with the company artists and learn firsthand from their experiences and abundance of knowledge. I also enjoyed learning the company's repertoire and experiencing the diversity of their movement. The environment created during this week was inclusive, calm, enriching and supportive."
2022 Secondment Week Dancer
"Being invited into a caring and sharing environment was one of the highlights for me during my secondment week. I felt no sense of hierarchy in the room, or in the building at all which made me feel at ease and able to soak up the experience in a really fruitful way."
2022 Secondment Week Dancer
Images by Amber Haines and Aaron Ashley
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